Tag World Exchange encourages visitors to participate in our TWEX Contest. For registering with us you will receive as gift 10 TWEX Tokens that can only be redeemed after our ICO. You will also have full access to our site and to a wallet exclusively registered in your name. You can also acquire more at your discretion. The contest will simulate virtual trading on our platform. At the end of the ICO - winners will be declared based on their results. 1st prize: 50,000 TWEX Tokens 2nd prize: 20,000 TWEX Tokens 3rd prize: 10,000 TWEX Tokens 4th to 10th prizes: 2,000 TWEX Tokens 11th to 15th prizes: 1,000 TWEX Tokens Total tokens: 100,000 twice a week

Currently Our Crowdsale of TWEX Tokens is going on.To know more about Crowdsale offers.
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