Welcome to the Geneva & General Geneva Region – TAG Collaboration For Regional Commercial Fund Raising.

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The mission of our collaboration is to assist companies in raising funds and establishing a physical presence in the well known Geneva & Greater Geneva Region.

Innovative Companies need:

  • Infrastructure

Entrepreneurs depend on available office space, internet, transportation, facilities which an urban region can facilitate them with

  • Network

Entrepreneurs are much more successful when a quality network is made available for them. This could mean knowledge by connected universities and events which help them connect to potential partners and clients

  • Funding

The most important part to attract new talents, ventures and promote relocation in the region is: FUNDING

Eventually available funding is what makes innovative companies grow to larger enterprises with a knock-on effect on employment, spin off business and attractiveness of the region.

Each partner in this scheme brings their own considerable, individual experience to the collaboration which will successfully assure the objective of delivering a sustainable business region with growing innovative companies, attracting a well qualified work force making Geneva & Geneva General Region a great place to work and live.

The Canton of Geneva provide the opportunities and incentives for both start-ups and growing companies alike to establish themselves in the region.

TAG Bankers Group provide all matters financial from initial funding through all fundraising rounds, IPO, merger, acquisition and even sale as required.

These would all be available throughout a companies lifecycle.

We invite you to register your business with us in order to raise the funding you need to develop and expand your business. All information you provide will remain completely confidential within our group for the express purposes outlined and will not be shared with any third party without your permission.

You will need to register your company with us on the following application form in full providing all details as requested about you, your shareholders and your business along with your business plan and full financial projections. You are also required to upload your project or product marketing materials.

If you have everything up together the application, which should be completed in one go, should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. You will receive a Unique Number from us by email following your submission which will also contain contact details with us thus allowing you the ability to send anything outstanding if required. Please quote this Unique Number in any future correspondence with us.

Please download or print the following checklist and copy of the Application Form to assist you.

TAG Funds Management O├╝, part of the TAG Bankers Group is regulated as a Financial Institution in Estonia, EU by the Financial Services Authorities under license number: FFA000369.