GIOCOV Ltd is a Wholly Owned subsidiary of GIOWORLD HEALTH LTD and Licensed By GIOSTAR, The GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF STEM CELL THERAPY AND RESEARCH, to extend the FDA licence into the UK and Europe..

GIOCOV are raising up to £5,000,000 funds in order to carry out an IPO or Private Placement in the UK and Europe to finance Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials of their stem cell treatment protocols to  COVID -19 long-hauler or long-covid syndrome. GIOCOV Ltd is a British company with Registration Number 13384474.

GIOSTAR’s use of its proprietary stem cells for treating COVID-19 patients and has recorded a good success. Dr. Srivastava thinks that this is going to be a great therapeutic agent for helping the patients because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Also, their ability to differentiate into most of the cells of most of the organs would help restore their functions and thereby, recover from the post-COVID-19 syndrome.

7 in 10 people hospitalized for Covid-19 have not fully recovered five months after discharge.


“Long Covid is very serious,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), says. “To a significant number of people, this virus poses a range of serious long-term effects. The symptoms people have to endure are very debilitating, leading many to be unable to work and function properly.” (2)

The UK’s Office of National Statistics estimates the number of people with long Covid is “roughly equivalent to those with arthritis”, Professor Danny Altmann, professor of Immunology at London’s Imperial College says. If the healthcare burden is anything like that of arthritis, this would have serious implications for the health service. “They are one of the largest patient groups in the NHS, with care costs of more than £2 billion per year,” he says. “If we’re in for similar healthcare investment in long Covid, we currently have no way of knowing whether this might be for a year or two, or for decades.” (2)

Professor Chris Whitty, the UK’s chief medical officer and co-lead for the National Institute for Health Research, said in a statement: “It is important that we work out what exactly the various elements of what is currently termed ‘Long Covid’ are so we can target actions to prevent and treat people suffering with long term effects.” (1)

Long-Covid is is the world’s legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic and given that the GIOSTAR (USA) operation has FDA approval, since April 2020, already under Compassionate Use (Expanded Access Program) for the use of Stem Cell therapy in long COVID to treat COVID patients it makes sense to extend that to fully licenced status in the US folowed by the UK and Europe for what appears to be an ever-expanding number of sufferers of long COVID.

This Pre-IPO offering to raise up to an initial £5,000,000 carries an uplift incentive of 50% return in either cash or shares ( follow the link below for full documentation) following IPO, at the investors choice along with future potential benefits of extraordinary growth as has been experienced in other similar Biotech businesses recently as per the following acquisition examples.
Eli Lilly acquired
Dermira for $1.1B
Gilead acquired
Menlo Park for $4.9B
Nestle acquired
Brisbane for $2.6B
J&J acquired
Momenta for $6.5B
Bayer acquired
Asklepios for $4B

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(2) The Sunday Times, 25 April 2021.

(3) World Health Organisation, Policy Brief 39, 22 March 2021



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