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TAG World Exchange (TWEX) Embrace Regulations Worldwide and is the Future of Asset Trading and Blockchain

TWEX is a unique revolutionary platform where acquisitions and trading of all digital assets created by us exclusively for our clients transactions are carried out.

Regulated Financial Service Provider

Republic of Estonia, European Union

Financial Intelligence Unit/Politsei-ja Pirivaleamet

License number: FFA000369                        

TAG Funds Management Oü, Operating as a financial institution

TAG Investment Bankers an International Asset Management Company

From startups to established ventures, as long as we can understand your business and see its potential, we can help you with your funding requirements.

We have also funded the development of a debt trading platform using hyper ledger and blockchain technologies in order to digitize, secure and expedite trading of investments made in companies listed with us while lowering transaction costs. This debt trading platform also helps to create liquidity for investors who acquired stakes in any of the companies listed with us.