TAG Real Estate Fund

Funds Required: Minimum Requirement: 500,000 € Euros

Maximum Requirement: 3,950,000 € Euros


Business Description: A mortgage fund providing first charge interest only equity release loans.

The Business

Clients will be homeowners, with existing mortgages, who wish to release capital from the value of their property for personal use. Loans will be made up to a maximum of 80% of the market value. Thus, equity released will be the difference between the existing mortgage which will be replaced by the new loan and 80% of the value. We are going to study the client’s capacity to both service monthly interest payments but and to redeem the loan also taking into account the capital amount of the client’s or clients’ life policy, (in the case of a couple). We will make a mortgage advance according to a formula agreed beforehand, by the client(s) and us.


The client would pay the equivalent of an annual rate of 6.75% of the amount of the loan. This is a lifetime commitment because the client does not repay back the capital. On his death or that of his wife, the insurance company will pay back an amount equivalent to the market value of the property originally reported and accepted. The surviving spouse or the heirs will inherit the property free of any encumbrance.

6% will be used to pay the coupons attached to the mortgage bonds and the remaining 0.75% will be used to pay the maintenance costs of the FUND.

Investment Fund

We believe this Investment will appeal to both Traditional and new Investors.

Traditional Investors

  1. To invest in an Investment fund regulated by the European Union and guaranteed by real estate based in Europe evidenced by bonds issued by each local real estate holding company or LTD company together with the pledged shares issued by the local real estate holding company or the LTD company.
  2. Invest in a fund that guarantees a lifetime return of 6% per annum, either paid monthly or reinvested in the fund: the possibilities of additional return paid whenever a client dies or buys back his property by paying the outstanding loan. In such case, the funds collected will reinject back the initial capital lent into the Fund to be reused once again and the difference (market value at inception less funds loaned to client) will be distributed among investors as extraordinary profits.
  3. Invest in a fund guaranteed by a life insurance policy on the head of the


  1. Invest in a fund where at any time on the investor’s account there will either be funds in Euros equivalent to its initial deposit or the ownership percentage of the pool made up of insurance policies and the real estate pool via the bonds and stocks.

Digital Assets Investors

The fund will issue digital assets in the form of tokens. We recommend issuing 30 Million Tokens at € 10 per Token and thereby block the fund at potentially 250 Million Euros. The remainder is i.e. 5 million tokens to be shared between management and the ‘market makers’ as well as advertising organizations.

A token buyer – for € 10 or € 10,000 will receive a return based on the same criteria:

  1. a) Guarantee of lifetime payments of the 6% interest per annum payable on a monthly basis, or reinvested in the fund
  2. b) Whenever there is a debt repayment by one of the clients, the amount recovered less the amount lent at inception of loan period – either the market value of the property (death of client) or loan value plus 2 years interests will be divided by the total number of tokens issued and paid as ‘extraordinary dividends’ thereby guaranteeing increased demand for the token and creating an increase in its value,
  3. c) If the owner of the token wants to sell its token, it can do so and the new buyer will receive the initial guarantee – clearly, if the token is worth 100 € for example, the 6% will always be paid on the amount initially invested i.e. € 10.

The tokens will be purchased on the TWEX Exchange.

We shall ensure that the satisfactory protection of both types of investors is taken. The tokens will be regulated as Security Tokens issued by a regulated Fund acting on the premises that borrowers are not being put into any type of distress as the loan to income ratio will be a maximum of 33 %.

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